Ode to Emperor Bush

Emperor Bush–a great hero was he.
He kilt him a terrorist when he was only three.

Emperor Bush fought terror so boldly
By invading Iraq and killing people coldly.

Emperor Bush was such a brave Americano
He refused to fight Saddam mano a mano.

Emperor Bush was a man of peace,
Just like Sharon, the bloodstained beast.

Emperor Bush was braver than braver.
He kissed Israeli ass only ’cause he loved the flavor.

Emperor Bush knew what Jesus would do.
Jesus was a neocon warmonger Jew.

Emperor Bush walked in Churchill’s shoes,
A hardcore warmonger, but without the booze.

Emperor Bush was not a lame duck.
He ducked real good when the shoethrower struck.

And to judge from what I saw on the cable-TV news,
That guy must have thrown at least a thousand shoes.

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