Lucifer’s Lexicon

CONSTITUTION, THE, n. A constitution that was unconstitutionally substituted for the original US constitution, the Articles of Confederation.
DEMJANJUK TRIAL, n. A Jerusalem witch trial. (Fuck ’em, if they can’t take demjewjokes.)

FACIST, n. One who judges another person based on his or her face.

GOAD, JIM, n. The World’s Bravest Man, unless maybe Ali Fadel, mayor of Baghdad, is the World’s Bravest Man, or Alex Jones, or….

HIROSHIMA, n. A Japanese city Harry Truman decided to atomize because it was a military target and he didn’t want to kill civilians.

HOLOCAUST, THE, n. The most evil and most entertaining crime of all time.

9/11, n. The day when everything changed, when George W. Bush transformed from moron to genius, when the Bush II administration lost all interest in invading Iraq, and when the US government dropped Israel like a hot potato.

RETALIATE, v. To take an eye for an eye, or in the case of Israel, to take a hundred eyes for an eye.

RON PAUL REVOLUTION, THE, n. A revolution that is not a revolution, at least not so far.

SELF-CENSORSHIP, n. Tying one’s own tongue.

SIRIUS, n. The hidden supreme god of the secret societies of the West, just like Jahbulon, Lucifer, Satan, etc.

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