I’ve Won Two Million Dollars!!!!!!

I’ve won two million dollars!!!!!! At least, that’s what I’ve been told recently in a couple of e-mails I’ve received. It seems I’ve been so lucky that I’ve won two prizes, each about a million dollars, in two random drawings of e=mail addresses.
One of these e-mails has the following heading:

PO Box 702101, Dubai Media City-United Arab Emirates

Then comes the good news:

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws of the DIFC/DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER (YOUR GATEWAY TO GROWTH), AND MTN Middle East Network in Collaboration with INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUUCATION [sic] UNION LOTTERY PROGRAM PROMOTION. Your e-mail was among 20 Lucky winners who won $950,000.00 (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) each in the MARKETPLACE MIDDLE EAST UNDER DIFC/DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER PROMO dated as stated above.

Wow! Pretty impressive, huh? And at the very bottom of the e-mail is the following name: Prince Sheikh Salaiman bin Hamad al-Khalifa. Now that’s a name that sounds like MONEY.
The other e-mail gives the following address: Yahoo/Windows Live, 125 Shaftsbury Avenue WC2H 8AD London, United Kingdom. And here’s the news of my good fortune:

All the executive members of Yahoo/Windows Live wish to inform you that you have won a prize money of Seven Hundred, Twenty Thousand Great Britain Pounds…for the 2009 new year Prize promotion which was organized by YAHOO MANAGEMENT TEAM & WINDOWS LIVE this Month of February 2009 to celebrate our 15 years since we became the best e-mail provider worldwide.

At an exchange rate of about $1.44 (US) for each British pound, that amounts to about $1,036, 800. So, according to these two emails, I’ve won a total of about two million dollars!!!!!!
However, I suspect these e-mails are scams of some kind. The fact that the e-mail that supposedly came from England is written in pretty poor English reinforces my skepticism. And by doing an Internet search for “Yahoo/Windows Live Drawing,” I found that other people have received that same e-mail and give various reasons for dismissing it as a shoddily-done scam.
So, after all, being the pessimistic, skeptical, cynical guy that I am, I’m going to treat these e-mails as scams and ignore them.
Of course, last year I thought Ron Paul had no chance of being elected prsdent, and look how wrong I was about that.

I Predict

Jesus will be coming in the near future. No, not Jesus Christ, Jesus Morales, who will be coming to the US as an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Muslims will impose Sharia (Islamic law) in Europe. Looking on the bright side, though, they’ll repeal the European laws against “Holocaust Denial.”

American Christians will be rounded up and herded into concentration camps. Then they will wake up, realize it was just a nightmare, and begin another boringly normal day.

Piers Anthony Has Favorably Mentioned My Book

In his Feblueberry 2009 newsletter now posted on his website, fantasy and science fiction writer Piers Anthony has favorably mentioned my book, “The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays.” Those of you who are involved in writing or publishing might find his newsletter interesting reading even if you don’t read far enough to see what he said about my book. Revisionist history fans, and others, who read what Anthony says about my book will learn that he agrees with James Bacque’s claim, in the book “Other Losses,” that a million or more World War Two German POWs were allowed to starve to death by their American captors. As for my book, Anthony concludes, “…Rollins’ book made me think, and it is worth reading by anyone else who likes to think. You don’t have to agree; just consider.”

I Predict

Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins will do a new novel that will focus on jail and prison inmates who are not Raptured to Heaven before the Tribulation. Naturally, the book will be titled “Left Behind Bars.”

There will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be earthquakes and rumors of earthquakes. There will be other disasters and rumors of other disasters.

Atlantis will rise again. Then it will sink again.