Ode to Emperor Bush

Emperor Bush–you had to admire
How he so boldly led us into a quagmire.

Emperor Bush never ended the war.
That’s not what he started it for.

The war in Iraq was not a mistake
Even though the reasons that were given were all fake.

Emperor Bush was so endearing
To friends and family who were war profiteering.

Emperor Bush–wasn’t he lucky
He could give some war bucks to Uncle Bucky?

Emperor Bush solved all our problems
By cutting taxes and killing Moslems.

Emperor Bush had a complex mind,
The military-industrial kind.

The military budget did not shrink
And now the Navy sails a sea of red ink.

If you want to buy a bunch of tanks,
Go borrow some money from the banks.

Emperor Bush dug us deeper into debt,
But our kids can pay it, so, hey, no sweat.

Emperor Bush supported our troops
By getting them killed for selfish reasons, you dupes.

Emperor Bush was a regular guy,
A Skull and Bones member just like you and I.

Emperor Bush cared about me.
I had a billion dollars, you see.

The Emperor opposed double taxation
On any investor or corporation.

As for employees (can you guess what rhymes?),
It was okay to tax them four or five times.

Emperor Bush didn’t have to think.
He waged class warfare just from instink.

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