Lucifer’s Lexicon

AMEN, intj. Right on, bro. Tell it like it am.

BIBLE BELT,n. The belt that holds up the pants of Southern Baptists, except for Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, etc.

DARWINISM, n. A dogma that did not evolve from a wolfma.

FREE SOCIETY, n. According to Emperor George W. Bush, a society in which people throw shoes at him.

GOVERNMENT, n. The gang with the biggest bang.

HOSTAGE, n. A terrorist or other criminal’s detainee.

QUAYLE, DAN, n. A member of the tribe of Dan, which is the real reason he has a place in ruling circles. For corroboration–using the word “corroboration” very, very loosely–see the conspiracy-nut CD titled “Ring of Power.”

SO-CALLED RICH, THE, n. The rich, as referred to by Rich Limbaugh, er, I mean Rush Limbaugh.

TV, n. Transcendental Vegetation, America’s most popular method of meditation.

(The above defiitions, if only because they were not written yet, were not included in my 1987 Loompanics book, “Lucifer’s Lexicon,” but they could be included in either a sequel to that book or a new edition of it.)

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