A Queston for Mel Gibson

My question is: When are you going to make a movie based on the book of Revelation, aka the Apocalypse?
Think about it, if you haven’t already. It would be a very religious movie, like “The Passion of the Christ.” And it would be a very violent, gory and gruesome movie, farmore so than “The Passion.” Indeed, Revelation could be the most violent, gory and gruesome movie ever made. Imagine depicting the earth quakes, the plagues, the mass poisonings, the fires, the giant locusts stinging people, the giant hailstones, the blood as high as a horse’s bridle flowing for 200 miles or so, the battle of Armageddon, and the lake of fire and brimstone!
I realize that Revelation jumps around a lot in time and space. It’s not a straightforward chronicle of events like the Gospel stories about the Passion. It sems to me there are two possibilities. First, you could faithully follow Revelation, jump around in time and space, and make a very arty movie. Or you could hire some writer–me maybe–to turn Revelation into a straightforward chronicle of events. But either way, it can be done, Mel.
So what are you waiting for? At times I’ve read rumors that you were interested in making a movie about Boadicea or one about the Maccabean revolt. But no mention of Revelation. Come on, Mel. Isn’t it obvious that it’s your destiny to turn Revelation into a movie? And you can’t fight destiny, can you, Mel?

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