Alex Jones, the Bilderbergers and Oil Prices

If you do an Internet search for “Alex Jones and the Bilderbergers and Oil Prices,” you can find an article by Steve Watson, dated July 10, 2008, on Alex Jones’ website. The main thrust of the article was that already high oil prices might go as high as $200 a barrel or even higher if Iran was attacked. In any case, the Bilderberg power brokers planned to keep raising oil prices.
There was no hint in the article that oil prices might fall. For example, Watson wrote, “With prices showing no sign of dropping, it is certain that an attack on Iran would spur on the rise for the foreseeable future.”
Later in the article, Watson wrote, “Now there is serious debate about oil crashing the $200 a barrel level and beyond in the next year. If anything, the plan to hike oil prices is on an accelerated course.”
And Watson concluded the article with this: “Far from having a crystal ball that allows us to divine the future, we were able to accurately predict the soaring cost of oil by listening to what the power brokers themselves were saying, through moles that managed to infiltrate Bilderberg meetings and obtain the information.”
Speaking of Bilderberg, I remember hearing Alex Jones on the “Coast-to-Coast AM” radio program at the time of 2008 Bilderberg schmoozefest. At that time Jones claimed there were two factions within Bilderberg regarding oil prices. One group, he said, wanted to keep oil prices rising rapidly, as was then happening. The other group, he said, wanted to keep oil prices rising too, but more slowly. I don’t recall any indcation from Jones at that time that the Bilderbergers had any intenion of reducing oil prices.
As I said, Steve Watson’s article was dated July 10, 2008. Interestingly enough, according to a Wikipedia article about oil pr ices, the very next day, July 11, 2008, oil rose to a new record high price of $147.27 a barrel.
But, and it’s a BIG “but,” oil prices then dropped by more than $20 during the next two weeks, and they continued to decline for months, getting down to about $40 a barrel in early December 2008. On December 17, 2008, I saw it reported on MSNBC that oil had closed at $40.06 a barrel.
So what does this mean? Could it be that Alex Jones is not infallible? That his “inside information” isn’t neccssarily accurate and reliable? Do Alex Jones Bilderberg moles really exist? And if they do exist, are they double agents who sometimes feed him bogus “information.” Did the Bilderbergers, as Jones claimed, plan to keep increasing oil prices, but somehow their best-laid plans gang agley (went astray)? (In other words, are the Bilderbergers less powerfol, less in control of events than some conspiracy nuts seem to believe?)
Personaly, I don’t know what the explanation is, but I do know that Jones’ prediction that oil prices would continue to rise was wrong. So maybe Jones should forget about Bilderberg moles and get a crystal ball, if he wants to accurately predict the future.

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