Ode to Emperor Bush

Emperor Bush was a straight shooter,
But his bullets were bent, weren’t they, Scooter?

Emperor Bush said what he meant,
But what he meant was always excrement.

Emperor Bush lied every which way.
He said we don’t do torture, no way Jose.

Emperor Bush never told the truth.
They should’ve tried torture and yanked out his tooth.

When Slick Willie lied about getting some head,
Truth was important, Republicans said.

When the Emperor lied about everything,
A different tune did Republicans sing.

Emperor Bush–he never lied under oath,
Except for the times he was sworn in, both.

The Fourth Amendment Emperor Bush violated.
For a search warrant he just couldn’t have waited.

Or so the Emperor said to justify
Seizing illegal power to snoop and to spy.

Emperor Bush didn’t like dictators
Who didn’t take dictation from their greaters.

The Emperor was not like King George, that’s hooey.
The Emperor was much more like King Louis.

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