Ode to Emperor Bush

Emperor Bush was quick on the draw
To enforce his self=made version of “law.”

Emperor Bush was fast with a gun.
He shot before the fight had begun.

Emperor Bush liked preemptive strikes,
Like Hitler and paranoid Zionist kikes.

Emperor Bush invaded Iraq
To prevent–or provoke-a new terror attack.

War was Emperor Bush’s last choice.
It was also his first, so neocons rejoice.

Emperor Bush was in a big hurry.
He went to war saying, “What, me worry?”

Emperor Bush had to attack.
He’d’ve got blue balls if he’d had to hold back.

Emperor Bush saved us from Hussein
And his terrifying toy airplane.

Emperor Bush saved us from Saddam
And his nonexistent nucular bomb.

Emperor Bush was the Lone Ranger
Saving us from imaginary danger.

Emperor Bush–it’s no mystery.
A great misleader’s how he’ll go down in history.

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