Histrical Trivia

Here’s a quotation from Nicholson Baker’s 2008 book, “Human Smoke”:
Edgar and Lillian Mowrer were guests of a German banker. It was late in 1932.
“‘After dinner,’ Edgar later wrote, ‘while the men, all Jews but me, sat over coffee, several boasted of giving oney to the Nazi party at the request of Aryans like Schacht and Thyssen.’
“Mowrer was silent. The banker, whom Mowrer identified as ‘Arnholt’–possibly Hans or Heinrich Arnhold–asked him what he was thinking.
“‘Merely wondering,’ said Mowrer, ‘how the People of Israel have managed to survive so many thousands of years when they obviously have a strong suicidal urge.’
“The banker scoffed at Hitler’s rhetoric. ‘Just talk,’ he said.”

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