Aldous Huxley and World Government

Aldous Huxley and World Government by L. A. Rollins
For the edification of some conspiracy nuts, here’s a quotation From Nicholson Baker’s book,”Human Smoke,” regading something Huxley wrote in his 1937 book, “Ends and Means”:”The international police force that people were clamoring for was a mistake and a misnomer, Huxley believed. ‘The police act with the maximum of precision; they go out and arrest the guilty person,’ he wrote. ‘Nations and groups of nations act through their armed forces, which can only act with the maximum of imprecision, killing, maiming, starving and ruining millions of human beings, thr overwhelming majority of hom have committed no crime of any sort.’ An international police force was in actuality a force for international massacre. ‘If you approve of indiscriminate massacres, then you must say so,’ he wrote. ‘You have no right to deceive the unwary by calling your massacre-force by the same name as the force which controls traffic and arrests burglars.'”

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